provocative_screens.jpgProvocative Screens

Offended Audiences in Britain and Germany

Ranjana Das and Anne Graefer

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (Pivot)

This book offers a nuanced understanding of ‘offensive’ television content by drawing on an extensive research project, involving in-depth interviews and focus groups with audiences in Britain and Germany. Provocative Screens asks: what makes something really offensive and to whom in what context? Why it offence felt so differently? And how does offensive content matter in public life, regulation, and institutional understandings?




tfoa.pngThe future of audiences

A foresight analysis of interfaces and engagement

Editors: Ranjana Das and Brita Ytre-Arne

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

This book brings together contributions from scholars across Europe to present findings from a foresight analysis exercise on audiences and audience analysis, looking towards an increasingly datafied world. The book uses knowledge emerging out of three foresight exercises, produced in cooperation with more than 50 stake-holding organisations and building on systematic reviews of audience research, to arrive at a renewed agenda for audience studies.





The internet and maternal well-being

Mothers' use of the internet for birth, before and beyond

Ranjana Das

Publisher (contracted): Routledge

Globally, maternal well-being, including maternal mental health, is recognised to be critical for mothers, infants and families. The NHS  predicts that digital technology is going to play a crucial role in developing mental health services, but how much do we know about how mothers’ online practices link to their offline lives? This book explores the potential of the digital for mothers’ mental well-being, looking at both its benefits and possible downsides.


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