Current Projects


Datafied Desires

Datafied Desires is my new project funded  in 2019 by the University of Surrey. I'll look at everyday emotions,experiences, affect,intimacies around smart sex, apps, connected sextoys. What IS desire? How does 'datafied' desire feel? Find out more on the project website here 

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Early Motherhood in Digital Societies: The Perinatal Ideal


As part of this British Academy funded project I have interviewed mothers and healthcare professionals, and collected online data, on the ways in which women make use of th einternet in the perinatal period. This work has been published as journal articcles and is shortly due out as my monograph titled Early Motherhood in Digital Societies: The Perinatal Ideal-  with Routledge. 

Migrant mothers' health communication about perinatal emotional wellbeing

This is a new Wellcome Trust funded project (2018-2019) which shall conduct interviews with South Asian migrant mothers and healthcare professionals on the challenges, complexities and roadblocks facing migrant mothers seeking to communicate abour perinatal wellbeing. This project is a collaboration with colleagues Nadine Page, Louise Davies and Victoria Redclift

The uses of social media in fathers' communication about perinatal wellbeing

This is a new pilot project being conducted by my colleague Paul Hodkinson and myself, funded by the Pump Priming Fund of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Surrey (2018). This exploratory, qualitative project combines offline and online research with new fathers, to investigate the roles played by digital media technologies in men’s coping processes with perinatal mental health difficulties.

Recently Completed Projects


CEDAR: Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research


I have recently directed CEDAR - a 29 member team which conducted a foresight analysis exercise on the future of audiences' engagement with media technologies in the context of the IOT and datafication in 2030. This work was funded by the AHRC, UK, and has led to a range of publications, including a forthcoming book The Future of Audiences: A Foresight Analysis with Palgrave Macmillan (jointly edited with Brita Ytre-Arne). 


Provocative Screens: Offended Audiences in Britain and Germany


With my colleague Anne Graefer, we conducted fieldwork in Britian and Germany to investigate people's responses to media content they find 'offensive'. This work has been published as various articles, and our book Provocative Screens: Offended Audiences in Britain and Germany with Palgrave.