My main teaching responsibilities at the University of Surrey relate to my role as Programme Director of the BSc in Media and Communication - Surrey’s cutting-edge, intensive and challenging degree in 21st century media and communication studies. This course covers state-of-the art, research-led content – from theories of media power, regulation and audiences, to Big Data, digital platforms and international communication. The course draws from the latest media and communication research to produce its suite of compulsory modules and specialist optional modules. The course is both broad-based in its incorporation of a wide-range of media forms and cultures, and cutting-edge in its inclusion of sociological critiques of some of the latest technological changes, including platform societies and Big Data. Students will develop a rigorous grounding in social science which you can apply to a wide range of careers in media, research, public relations, marketing, business and beyond.

I currently teach four modules on this course. These include - 

  1. Contemporary Issues in Media and Communication (Year 1)
  2. Audiences and Users in Media and Communication (Year 2)
  3. Data and the Digital in Platform Societies (Year 3)
  4. Public Relations in a Digital Age (Year 3) 

To find out more, check out the course on UCAS here and read more about the course on this blog. And here, below, is a video of our Staff and Students talking about this excellent programme!